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Regional News

Jonnalee, Burgess Cer.A.T.

Jonnalee Burgess, Cert.A.T.


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Hello Region 1,

It looks like the warmer weather is here to stay for a few more days anyways. In some parts of New Hampshire there was 6 inches of that white stuff that they call snow….. WOW….Now to business: Anyone who is serious about holding a Regional Meeting, please email me. I will be more than happy to send you a detailed email in return, discussing the specifics. We have the potential for one more Regional Meeting this year in October. As soon as I get more information I will keep you all informed and up to date. We also have two meetings scheduled so far for 2018.

This year the Region 1 Director is up for elections. I have decided to run again this year for the Region 1 Director. If you or someone you know is interested in the position, please nominate them. In order for you to nominate them, they have to be in good standings with ASATT and in our Region in order to fill the position. For more details, please email me with questions.

ASATT National Meeting will be held in Pasadena, California at the end of August, 2017. Make sure you start making your travel arrangements now; it is only 4 months away. Please continue to monitor  ASATT’s home page for details. Start planning your summer vacation now.


Jonnalee, Burgess Cer.A.T.

Region 1 Director



Karen Patrick, Cer.A.T.

Karen Patrick, Cer.A.T.


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Hello Region 2

I hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the spring.

I want to send a big THANK YOU out to Sarah and her team for doing such a great job at the Hershey Conference. We had such a wonderful turn out!! We had over 65 people attend. The speakers were great!! 

I know August is still a few months away but I hope many of the members can join us in Pasadena CA for our 2017 Annual Education Conference. Registration is still open. If you haven't attended one of these I would encourage you too. They are a wonderful way to meet people and learn different techniques for our job and to earn CE's. 

The June 3rd conference in Baltimore, MD is now open. Please go on the ASATT website and sign-up. Hope to see many of you there from Region 2 or any region needing to earn your CE's. Remember if you are interested in holding a meeting in your town let me know. We can definitely have fun doing it.

Don't forget if you’re up for certification this year don't wait till the last minute to get your CE's. Make sure you get all of your paperwork sent into the ASATT in a timely fashion so you don't run into a chance of your certification expiring. 



Karen Patrick, Cer.A.T

Region 2 Director

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Region 2 Meeting - Penn State Hershey Medical Center



Gail Walker Cer.A.T.


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Greetings Region 3!!

Okay Region 3 members, it’s time to start thinking about either nominating someone you  believe would make a good regional director for our area or consider running for the position yourself. It takes a commitment to advancing the profession of anesthesia technology; desire to help educate your peers and a willingness to be part of a Board of Directors that values everyone. Please contact me with questions and I’ll be more than happy to answer them. Please also go to the ASATT website for specific information.

2017 is going to be a big deal for us as an association. This is the first year we will be stepping away from the ASA and holding our meeting alone. The ASA is committed to seeing that we do well as an organization but appreciate our desire to stretch our wings and fly by ourselves for the first time. Please consider being a part of ASATT history as we take this huge step. Again, please visit the ASATT website for location, cost, etc.

I would also ask that you take a moment to reflect back on the past year and think of those that helped you as an individual and your department as a whole to help advance our profession. Nominations last year for the Regional Education Award for Region 3 were very few. Please remember it’s not the big grand gestures that make someone deserving…it’s the day to day commitment and perseverance that makes us stronger technologists. The nominations are due by July 1st. I know there is someone in your world that deserves so take a minute and let us know about them.


Gail Walker, Cer.A.T.

Region 3 Director


Jeffery Blakney, Cer.A.T.

Jeffery Blakney, Cer.A.T.


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Hello Region 4,

I want to thank you all for a wonderful Region 4 meeting in April. We had great attendance along with some awesome topics and great speakers (12) vendors. Anyone wanting copies of the lectures email me and I will make sure you get them. Being that our National meeting is in August this year I would love to work with tech’s in my region to present another meeting in late October or early November. If this sounds like something that peaks your interest please get in contact with me ASAP. 

Registration is now open for the ASATT 2017 Annual Educational Conference, taking place on August 24-27, 2017 in Pasadena, CA. Each one should reach one and bring them if we do this we may very well have the largest turnout at conference. My vision for the region is for members in each state to become actively involved, not only in attending regional conference(s) but to host them as well. If your state can find a facility to host the conference, I will work closely with you to secure speakers and vendors acceptable to the ASATT standard. We all should share in the growth and development process so as to maintain ourselves on the cutting edge of clinical and technical anesthesia support. I would like to see Region 4 conferences held in every state.  It is the responsibility of each and every technician to get off the side line and into the game to support personal growth and development in conjunction with organizational development of ASATT.



Jeffery Blakney, Cer.A.T.

Region 4 Director


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 Region 4 Meeting - Bolingbrook Amita Hospital


Greg Farmer Cer.A.T.

Greg Farmer, Cer.A.T.


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Greetings Region Five!!!!

So here we are in May. How fast this year is going! As we get into the warmer months, please remember a few things....

  1. Dump out any standing water. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and I don't want any of y'all coming down with Zika or West Nile or anything else the little buggers have!
  2. Wear sunscreen. A lovely glow is nice but nobody want to look like a boiled lobster or an old baseball glove.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is no joke. Please drink plenty of water. I know it's seems hard to drink 8-8 oz. glasses of water. But nobody says that at Happy Hour...ever.

Re-election time!!!

 My term is ending this year.  I feel blessed to have been  able to serve all of y'all over the last two years. I look back and see where we were and where we are currently. And I am looking forward now.

And I intend to run for re-election.

I hope you will support me.

 I have many, many ideas for our region.

 I listen to y'all when you ask questions and when you have ideas.

Together I know we can make Region 5 the very best!!

Regional Meetings


In April we had two great meetings! UTSW in Dallas on the 8th and Christus San Antonio on the 29th. We had a great turnout with both meetings. Awesome speakers, fantastic info and alot of fun.

UTSW was for 8 CE's and San Antonio was scheduled for 6 but I had a surprise addition and we made it 7 CE's!

 $60 for 7 or 8 CE's!!! That is a heckuva deal!!


Here are the things I am working on this year:


1. More regional meetings

If you want to host an ASATT regional meeting at your facility, don't hesitate, contact me ASAP!

 I would hate to have to decline a meeting because a date has been taken. And please don't hesitate to plan to attend a meeting. Contact me! If you don't think that your location would be a possible site, don't think that way. You would be surprised how many people would come out. Interested? Contact me, lets do it!

Update: Two previous hosts are interested in doing another meeting.

2.ASATT  State Societies


When talking to attendees about forming ASATT State Societies, there has been very positive response. This would be a great way to network with other techs in your state! These ASATT State Societies could help with coordinating regional meetings, getting speaker support and vendor support. Some states would only have 1 or 2 zones, while larger states could have many zones. But all zones will have input to further improve our region and profession. Interested? Contact me, lets get it going.

Update: Have received very positive feedback. Currently working on zones for Texas and waiting for other states to contact me.

3. Online Meetings


I am going to need alot of help with this one! The idea is to be able to "attend" an ASATT Regional Meeting or National Conference via the ASATT website. This would allow ASATT members to log-in, pay the fee and "attend" the meeting from the comfort of your home.

  Do you have the knowledge to help me get this off the ground? Email me and lets get rolling.

Update: There are some legal issues that we are addressing and working towards resolving.



ASATT Regional Meetings VS "ASATT Approval Pending" Meetings


Over the last two years, I have had dozens of complaints from attendees regarding this very issue. Now it has been brought to my attention by many, many members that they aren't getting their certificates from meetings.

So lets get it straightened out, shall we?

Some people may say there is not a difference between the two. But there is.

  • An ASATT Regional Meeting that is directed and coordinated by an official ASATT regional director, those CE's are automatically recorded into the ASATT database.
  • An "ASATT Approval Pending" meeting can not. The organizers of these meetings are wholly responsible for issuing a certificate. Not ASATT.

But why won't ASATT "just handle it" for me?

Well I can't. Not to be rude! I just don't have the ability to do so. Some organizations want to the meetings "their way". So to accomodate them, ASATT graciously allows them to do so. They pay a nominal fee that goes towards evaluating and critiquing the presentations. That is all ASATT can do. Like I said, the fee is low. And posted on for you to see.

It is up to the organizations that are charging you the attendance fee, to follow up and issue you the certificate. Since the meeting is "ASATT Approval Pending", we don't have access to their database.

"I still don't see the difference"

This was actually said to me by an attendee. The ASATT Regional Meetings are a way for ASATT to raise funds to help improve our profession. The large difference between an approval fee and the attendees fee, goes to that hospital.

All of the proceeds for an ASATT Regional Meeting, goes to help improve our profession.

ASATT is working tirelessly to get Certified Anesthesia Technicians and Technologists to be recognized in every state as a valued member of the Allied health team.

Once we are recognized, we have a clearer path to licensure.

ASATT is always working to raise the profile, raise the respect and raise the number of educational institutions offering technologist programs.

But we can't do it alone...


Get involved with your profession


"How do I get involved?"


Well let's take a look here...

  1. Plan a meeting- ask around if any MDA's, CRNA's, RRNA's, Cer.A.T. or Cer.A.T.T. would be interested in sharing a presentation to help educate your fellow techs
  2. Find a "Champion"- someone who believes in making us better at our profession and is willing to help. This can be a CRNA, MDA, AORN representative or management.
  3. Ask questions- show that you are interested in learning more, people will appreciate that.
  4. Take notes- write down the info they relay to you. Write it down, then learn it, then put it into practice. It can only help you!
  5. Participate in ASATT- do you want to be more active in how your profession grows? Contact me and I will find out what committees are looking for help.

"Does anyone know where I can find an ASATT Regional Meeting?"

Why yes, yes I do!

We have...

  • For May 6 Texas Health Plano in Plano,TX


          Coordinators: Andrea White Cer.A.T. and Jacob Jhingree Cer.A.T.

  • For May 20 Arkansas Childrens Hospital in Little Rock, Ark


                Coordinators: William Peery Cer.A.T.T.; Susan Brown Cer.A.T.


  • For June 10 Arlington Memorial Hospital in Arlington,TX


              Coordinator: Keith Brewer Cer.A.T.

  • For June 24 University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson,MS



Now Christus San Antonio wants to host another meeting this year in the fall and in 2018!

UTSW has committed to a meeting in 2018!

Contact me soon to get the planning going for your meeting near you!!!


Register now for the National Educational Conference!!!


ASATT National Educational Conference is August 24-26,2017 in Pasadena, California!!!!

There will be 13 CE's awarded for full participation!

 This is a great way to network, meet fellow techs from across the world, and learn new information!

Check with other techs to see if you can share a room and save some money.

I hope to see y'all there!!

Come find me to get a special gift!




Greg Farmer Cer.A.T.

Region 5 Director


Johnnie Walker, Cer.A.T.T.

John Walker, Cer.A.T.T.


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hello region 6,

Hello region 6, hope everyone is great and getting ready for summer!   I did get some interest in holding a meeting in arizona.  I will be flying down there the first week of June to check it out some hospitals and meeting sites.  But the granddaddy of the them all will be in Pasadena, California at the ASATT Annual Educational Conference August 24 thru 26.  Please click on for the “early-bird discount” registration for the 3-day conference.  This year there as a bonus there are two workshops to bookend the main conference.  Thursday August 24, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm will start things off with the topic of “Starting and Anesthesia Technology Education Program”.  Which goes without saying we need a lot more programs!   Then Sunday August 27 from 8:30am to 11:30am will be the Cell Salvaging Workshop with Wet Lab.  It’s 50 bucks and you will earn 3 CU’s for your work.  There are few spots left so register now.


Finally I would just like to recognize the former region 6 director and Secretary of ASATT Diane Alejandro-Harper, for her tireless work and passion on starting new anesthesia technology program, slated to start next year.  You can’t believe the amount barriers and effort needed to start a program from scratch.  And to top it off she manages the top ranked anesthesia department and her full time job is being a mom.  Happy Mother's Day!


Thank you,

John Walker, Cer.A.T.T.
ASATT Region 6 Director
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Delbert Macanas, Cer.A.T.T.


Delbert Macanas, Cer.A.T.T.


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Spring is in full bloom everywhere, heading into summer.  Are you enjoying spring?  Making plans for summer?  Make plans to spend time with your kids.  Plan to make many memories with them.  But, don’t forget other family and friends. 

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm,

you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.”

~ Morris West ~

Region 7 has couple of meetings right around the corner.  Please make plans to attend the meetings if you live in Seattle or Portland.

Saturday, May 13th, Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, WA, John Gonzalez and his crew have worked hard to bring this meeting to fruition.  This will be third consecutive year for this meeting at Overlake Hospital and last year’s meeting broke our Region 7 attendance record, 106 AT’s & ATT’s attended.  Let’s try to break the record this year.  Registration is open… HURRY.

Saturday, June 17th is the new date for the rescheduled Kaiser Sunnyside meeting but it has moved to Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital in Portland, OR.  Kellie Hines and friends are organizing the meeting.  If you can help us secure a speaker or sponsor please contact Kellie myself at your earliest convenience.  Justin Akamine has just stepped forward to help ensure this meeting stays on track.  The agenda will be posted shortly & registration can begin.    

Upcoming Region 7 Educational Meetings:

Sunday, August 6th the Hawaii Meeting at Pacific Beach Hotel by myself. 

Saturday, September 23rd at EvergreenHealth coordinated by Joe Fitzgerald and staff. 

Mario Saldana and Matthew Davis are still looking to have a meeting in October. 

If you can help secure a speaker or sponsor, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Two years in a row with five meetings.  Outstanding Region 7!!!  Thank you very much.  Please continue to support our next/new Region 7 Director. 

“No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. 

The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.”

~ Alfred North Whitehead ~

We need more people to plan meetings to get a taste of what it takes to coordinate meetings.  More people with experience organizing a meeting, the better it is for ASATT.  In the future, people from different states or cities can alternate hosting meetings every other year.  This will lift the burden off people coordinating meetings every year.  It is a way to get free CE’s too.  If you are interested in coordinating a meeting in your area please contact your Regional Director.  Like I have said before… “It’s not easy, but it’s not hard.”

“A word of encouragement from a teacher to a child can change a life.

A word of encouragement from a spouse can save a marriage.

A word of encouragement from a leader can inspire a person to reach her potential.”

~ John C. Maxwell ~

Upcoming CRNA State Annual Meetings, check the website for approved CE’s. 

Don’t forget this year’s ASATT Annual Meeting will be our first “independent” meeting without the ASA or AANA.  It will be held on August 24-27, at the Pasadena Hilton in Pasadena, CA.  Please make plans to attend this historic meeting and make it a success.  Is this time for ASATT to do it?  Are we ready for it?  Will our members attend the meeting?  Will our vendors support our move?  I think it is time for us to move forward with this monumental challenge.  The agenda is posted and there are additional CE opportunities on Sunday.

“Doubt is not the opposite of faith;

it is one element of faith.”

~ Paul Tillich ~

Find a friend/peer to share a room with to cut your hotel room cost.  ASATT will start researching things to do in Pasadena and the surrounding areas.  I hope to see many Region 7 members there.  It’s a reasonably cheap flight from Portland & Seattle to LAX.  There is also the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank; it’s a smaller commuter airport, but closer to Pasadena. 

There are so many things to do and see in the Golden State.  There is a bus that will take you from Pasadena to Universal Studios for $2-3.00 and will take you an hour.  A train/tram can get you to Disneyland for $11-15.00 in a couple of hours.  Or you can visit the historic Rose Bowl, Old Pasadena, or Pasadena City Hall (silhouette on the ASATT logo). 

Throughout this year ASATT will be looking at having more lectures to help the Certified Anesthesia Technologists utilize the “Advancement” section for the Refreshed/Advancement/Provisional Program.  The College of DuPage has assembled an online AT Bridge Program approved by ASATT that will help you become eligible to take the Technologist Exam.  But remember you must be a currently “Certified Anesthesia Technician”.

The Regional Director position is up for election this year.  I will be vacating the position to become President.  If you are interested in running for the position and in good standing with ASATT, please check the website for further details.

“The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits. 

An amateur has amateur habits.

A professional has professional habits.

We can never free ourselves from habit.

But we can replace bad habits with good ones.”

~ Steven Pressfield ~

Are you up for re-certification this year?  Please do not mess around with your CE’s.  Or if you just re-certified, start accumulating CE’s for your next cycle.  In this day and age of internet information… the excuse “I did not know”, does not hold any water.  Ignorance is not an excuse.  Sorry!!!  As I have said many times, poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on ASATT’s part.  Take pride in our profession… It is our profession!!!  (This is repeated.)

“Old friends pass away, new friends appear.

It is just like the days.

An old day passes, a new day arrives.

The important thing is to make it meaningful;

a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.”

~ Dalai Lama ~


Region 7 Meeting - Overlake Hospital