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Regional News

Jonnalee Burgess Cer.A.T.

Jonnalee Burgess, Cert.A.T.


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Hello Region 1,

The meeting in Danvers, Mass. was held on Saturday November 3rd at Massachusetts General North Shore Center for Outpatient Care. We had a great turnout with 29 people, 7 amazing lectures and great food. Thank you to Lisa Butler, Diane Osborne, Lisa O’Keefe, Robin Gallant and the people who volunteered their time along with a special Thanks to Dr. Salvatore Basta. I was truly overwhelmed us with EVERY lecture, they praised their Anesthesia Techs beyond words for all that they do with sincere appreciation. The team work and everyone has the same frame of mind and equal mentality that truly amazed me. I even was a little emotional with the love, respect and care that they all have for each other, even the people that do not work directly in the Operating Room. Thank you to all that attended, we had a lot of fun.

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Now, some sad news:  We will NOT be having the meeting that was going to be held in correlation with the PGA in New York City. Since the PGA is being held there, some of the revenues had already been booked. I apologize for the bad news. We already have a good head start on meetings for next year, so if you are contemplating having a meeting at your Hospital. Please let me know so we can tentatively put you on the calendar. You can always have a half day, a full day or 2 days for a Regional Meeting.  When you host a meeting, you are providing much needed CEU’s for your fellow Anesthesia Technicians and Technologists. If you would like to host a meeting or learn how, send me an email or call me. Keep checking on the ASATT website for information on all meetings. Please email topics that you would like to have presented at the meetings as well. We want to make you happy with the meetings.

The nasty word, RECERTIFICATION is here soon for some of you folks. Start getting all your documents and your recertification paperwork ready to send to ASATT Headquarters, if this is your year.  Please read the ASATT Home page for rules, regulations and steps to make it easier for EVERYONE. Please Remember that recertification is different from your membership. You do not have to be Certified to be a member, anyone including Physicians, Institutions, CRNA’s and the list goes on. If you have any questions or comments about recertification for either Anesthesia Technicians or Technologists, please feel welcomed to email me.

As the Chairperson of the Logo Committee, I am pleased to announce that we have some new and exciting merchandise for sale. We know that membership has been asking for more items, so we are going to do just that. Send me ideas on what you would like to see ASATT have for Logo items. Keep checking the store page! We tried something new this year, we took the design from the annual meeting pin and put it on a T-shirt to make a commemorative item. Again, any feedback will be greatly appreciated. We are going to be bringing more new items to the website soon.

If you have always wanted to be more active with ASATT, here is your chance, We are always looking for members to help out on committees. It is a great way to get involved and learn the ropes so to speak, then if you want to become part of the Board of Directors, you can do just that.

Yes, you read the last name correctly. My soulmate, Shane and I got married on our vacation in Florida, on the beach. Then we went on a cruise for our honeymoon. Had a blast and enjoyed a true VACATION!!



Jonnalee, Burgess Cer.A.T.

Region 1 Director



Karen Patrick, Cer.A.T.

Karen Patrick, Cer.A.T.


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Hello Region 2

Hope everyone is doing well! I know the next couple of months will be busy with getting ready for the holidays. These holidays can be stressful but in the end think of all the memories you’ve made with family and friends.

 One of the meetings being held in Region 2 will be at the University of Michigan. The dates will be May 31 and June 1 2019. We are trying something fun with a meet and greet on Friday May 31 with speakers and on Saturday June 1 with more speakers. Thanks to Michelle and her team for getting this conference in order. More details will post shortly to the ASATT websiteIf you’re interested in holding a regional meeting please contact me, it has great perks and you can earn Free CE's!!! It takes a lot of work but it’s worth it!! I would like set a goal of having FOUR Regional meetings a year for our Technicians and Technologist remember we all need CE’s so let’s work together as a team with promoting our profession!!

 When I’m at meetings I hear members wanting to get more involved with our organization, one opportunity is volunteering to join a committee. You as a member can bring new ideas to help promote/change to better our profession and remember we are the voice of our organization and want it to grow and prosper! 

I’m looking forward to our 2019 Annual Meeting that will be held in October in Orlando Florida. This can be a great opportunity to attend a conference and turn it into a family vacation at the same time. I would love to see more of us Technicians and Technologist to speak at our Annual Meetings remember you can earn additional CE’s for your presentation.

Remember if you’re up for recertification make  sure you don’t come up short for CE’s. That’s one of the perks being a member of the ASATT, any regional or annual meeting you attend to earn your CE’s automatically get uploaded to your account. Lastly be thinking about our Regional Education Awards. If there is someone you think should be nominated for this award please bring it to my attention. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!



Karen Patrick, Cer.A.T

Region 2 Director

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Trevon Logan, Cer.A.T.

Trevon Logan Cer.A.T.


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Greetings Region 3!!

I would like to take the time to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I know this time of the year is extra busy for everyone but please don’t forget to recertify by December 31, 2018 in order to avoid paying late fee’s.

Just a heads up the 2019 meeting will be held in Florida October 2019 during the week in order for members to be able to enjoy Disney with their families. Start planning early for a trip with the family in Disney! Stay on the lookout for exact dates.

There will be no memberships to ASATT accepted during the month of November or December in order for ASATT to recertification’s done in an orderly and prompt manner.

Region 3 will hold their next meeting March 9th 2019 in Fayetteville NC at the Fayetteville VA’s new facility. There is a lot of rich history in the town of Fayetteville and I hope to see you’ll there. It will be a wonderful learning opportunity all around. Stay tuned for upcoming registration forms.

ASATT encourages our members to volunteer to speak at an upcoming conference to obtain extra CEU credit for recertification. If you are interested in speaking please contact the President of ASATT or any member of the Executive Board and I’m sure we can plan a speaking opportunity for you in the near future.

Remember we now have a school for Anesthesia Technologist in our Region. The first started August 2018. Go on line at for upcoming class start dates.


Trevon Logan, Cer.A.T.

Region 3 Director


Jeffery Blakney, Cer.A.T.

Jeffery Blakney, Cer.A.T.


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Hello Region 4,

This will be my final monthly report Matthew Chandler will take over the duties. I have really enjoyed being your Director the last four years Matthew will be your new voice of region 4. I know he will be instrumental in the continued growth and development of the region.  Let’s all welcome Matthew to the Board of Directors region 4 you are in good hands.

It’s time to recertify please try and have this process taken care of by December 31st or you may in counter a late fee. For all of the complete details please refer to the ASATT home page 2018 recertification.

It’s never too early to plan ASATT 2019 Annual Educational Conference (October)destination is Orland Florida Disney. Being that it is Disney ASATT want to keep family in mind so be on the lookout for special conference dates and please bring your family members and enjoy the parks.

 I want to keep College of Dupage (Illinois) dates in my report (COD) wanted me to mention that they are offering The Bridge program. This program is an acceleration 16-week program with designed courses that will allow you to sit for the technologist test once completed. You must be qualified through ASATT to take this course. That means you must be a Cert.A.T. and have at least 5years of experience. Upcoming dates are as follows (Jan. 14th-May 3rd, 2019,) (May13th, August 30th, 2019) and (Sept 3rd, 2019-Dec 20th, 2019) for more information please get in contact with Danielle Kuglis Seago  Ph. (630)-942-2412. Email:   mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Jeffery Blakney, Cer.A.T.

Region 4 Director


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Jason Menchey, Cer.A.T.


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Howdy y’all from the new Region 5 director. My name is Jason Menchey Cer. A.T., I have been an Anesthesia Technian 13+ years. I have moved around Texas and seen the different roles Anesthesia Techs have. Recently have moved down to San Antonio, and love the enviroment and culture here. In there last three years I have put on four Anesthesia meeting in San Antonio for the tech nationwide.

As Novemeber starts we are hitting crunchtime for CE’s, there is another meeting on December 8th in San Antonio. The registration is already up and kicking off, we are having at least 6 CE’s but hoping to get the last two to get 8.

We will have another Official ASATT Region 5 Meeting in…

Saturday, February 16, 2019


William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital

Meeting Room 2109

(2nd floor conference area)

6201 Harry Hines Blvd

Dallas, TX 75390

If you would like to obtain a couple FREE CE’S contact me.

There are a couple ways to do this:

Setting up regional meetings, ASK ME HOW!!!

Present a topic-1 CE

Create the presentation AND present-2 CE’s

Choose a topic that you feel would benefit attendees, and roll with it!


And National ASATT Meeting for 2019 will be in…

OCTOBER 22-24, 2019

We have a couple of changes to the ASATT membership.

  1. We are adding the option for a 2 year membership at the cost of $150.00 saving you $20 over the two year period. You will still have the option for the one year membership at $85 if you choose.
  1. Beginning this year we will not accept renewals or joins during the months of November and December, so make sure you renew you membership during the renewal process.

Shortly we’ll be sending out the renewal notices to current ASATT members. Membership runs for August 1st to July 31st, so if your Membership has lapsed to receive the most for your membership dollar join again after August 1st.

If you have any questions contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

This is a great deal folks! Any savings is good, right?

Interested in being published?

Want to help your fellow Cer.A.T.T. or Cer.A.T. with Continuing Education credits?

Want to possibly WIN an award while you do this?

ASATT has a Science and Technology Award which is awarded annually. The individuals who are considered must submit a technical article to the editor of the SENSOR and/or to ASATT HQ. The article must first be selected for publication in the ASATT SENSOR. The authors of the technical articles must be either an anesthesia technician or technologist.

SO…… What are you waiting for??

Click Here to download the brochure and handout to someone you think may be interested in writing a Science and Technology Article.



Jason Menchey Cer.A.T.

Region 5 Director


Allison Kohn, Cer.A.T.T.


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Hello region 6,

My name is Allison Kohn, and I look forward to representing all of us as our new region 6 director. I graduated from the PCC/KP Anesthesia Technology Program as a Certified Anesthesia Technologist and I have a huge drive to push and advocate for our profession.

I am currently working on setting up a meeting that will focus on what us, as Anesthesia Techs, want and need to learn about in our professional field, and I will have an update soon on when this meeting will be held. I encourage anyone who would be interested in speaking at our meeting to please contact me, as you will also receive additional CE’s. Getting involved is easy and we all need to stay connected to better ourselves as a whole.

Our next national meeting will be in Orlando Florida (2019). Make sure you look ahead and plan your trip. What a great and fun family vacation that can be!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for region 6. We are in this together!


Respectfully submitted, 
Allison Kohn
ASATT Region 6 Director
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Justin Akamine, Cer.A.T.


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Aloha everyone,

It’s that time of the year again; time to elect new board members. If you’re a member please go check out the website and vote for 


Secretary &


Thank you guys so much for attending the annual meeting in Las Vegas this year. This was a big learning moment for me and I hope you guys enjoyed the venue, lectures, vendors, and the effort put in by:

Alex Llanas

Mike Boytim

Delbert Macanas 

Vicky Reyes

And the ASATT BOD 

To make meeting like this run so smoothly. It takes a lot of time and effort. A big BIG THANK YOU to the vendors and lecturers that came out. 

Our Hawaii, oh man! I wish you all could have been there for the 20th Hawaii Meeting. Those that attended received a 20th year anniversary pin which displayed Hawaii’s icon Diamond Head. 

Coming up we have a meeting on Saturday November 10th 2018. Hosted by John Gonzalez at Overlake hospital please check the website for updates and registration.


Justin Akamine, Cer.A.T.
Region 7 Director