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Greg Farmer, Cer.A.T.


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Greetings Region 5!!!

I hope everyone is doing well so far this year. I wished that I was able to see y’all in Las Vegas for the National Education Meeting. I had an unexpected death in my family and had to rush home. I sincerely appreciate all the love and support from my ASATT family. One thing my father always told me was..

“Always work hard and do your best. Always be willing to help someone, because you will need help one day too. No matter how hard life gets, no matter how beat down you feel, never give up. Always be nice.”- Thomas H. Farmer III

So in the spirit of never giving up, we will have another Official ASATT Region 5 Meeting in…

December 8,2018!

Registration will be open very soon! Be sure to tell your friends! Up to 6 CE’s, maybe more!!!

If you have never been to San Antonio, Christmas time is the best time! The Riverwalk and the city is decorated and beautiful!

And since this is an Official ASATT Regional Meeting, the CE’s will be loaded on the database quickly!! No need to mail in a certificate!!

Now if you are in the San Antonio area and would like to obtain a couple FREE CE’S contact me.

So you may be asking “What do I gotta do?”

Present a topic-1 CE, create the presentation AND present-2 CE’s

Choose a topic that you feel would benefit attendees, and roll with it!

Now if you are a coordinator for an Official ASATT Regional Meeting, you create a powerpoint, AND you present it….


I would love to have an ASATT regional Meeting with ALL ANESTHESIA TECHS PRESENTING!

How awesome would that be???? So….start thinking about topics. Start doing research. Don’t know where to start? Talk to your providers. They have done one or two in the past. They could give you some good tips. Your extra work WILL impress them and let them know that you are someone special who takes your profession seriously.

Speaking about getting involved….

How many times have you wondered if you could help out in a way that would make a difference in your profession? Everybody has their ideas and thoughts. Have you ever thought about getting involved with ASATT?

I never did. All I wanted was to have a meeting close to me. I had no idea all of the great things being involved with ASATT can bring. My bosses looked at me different. Talked to me as a professional.  My providers treated me different. They treated me not as the “Turnover team”. They treated me as a professional who cared about my job.

Doors opened. Respect was given. Changes started happening.

By donating a little time, you can make a difference in your profession. We have many different committees. We love having new people get involved. Fresh thoughts is what makes our profession grow and succeed.

Get involved. Be the change. Make a difference.

Have an Impact!


We have a couple of changes to the ASATT membership.

  1. We are adding the option for a 2 year membership at the cost of $150.00 saving you $20 over the two year period. You will still have the option for the one year membership at $85 if you choose.
  2. Beginning this year we will not accept renewals or joins during the months of November and December, so make sure you renew you membership during the renewal process.

If you have any questions contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

This is a great deal folks! Any savings is good, right?

God Bless


Greg Farmer Cer.A.T.

Region 5 Director