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Reminder! Recertification Process
In an effort to reduce postage and printing costs, ASATT will not be mailing out the recertification forms this year. Email Reminder will be going out the first week of November. There will be a short list of instructions for the applicants to complete. We will not be accepting recertifications via fax. If submitting CE's with your recertification the preferred method is online recertification (uploading Documents).

To help eliminate issues when recertifying please review the following:

ASATT Recertification Information as seen in the Sensor

Explanation of Categories:

Frequently asked questions regarding Recertification:

Tips To A Successful Recertification:


When you are ready to recertify (2019 Recertification Closed)

ASATT Members who have all their CE’s on file in the database, and would like to pay with a credit card can do so online starting November 1st.

  • Login and go to the Membership tab and click on Profile.
  • Once in your profile, scroll down to your certification information, if you have all your CE’s on file and are due to recertify, you’ll see a button You can recertify today and a button with the recertification fee. Click on that
  • Enter your credit card information, and hit submit. You’ll get a thank you for recertifying screen, and the payment receipt will be emailed along with a recertification letter.

*Even if you have all your CE’s on file you still need to go through the recertification process.

Recertification online. Need to submit CE’s (upload).   *Do Not do part of the process. If you will Not be uploading documents, Do Not pay online. Submit payment and documentation together by mail, or email. Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * No Faxes for recertification will be accepted.

Click Here for screen shots of process.

For members to get the member rate please make sure your membership is current.  Paying for membership should have been done ahead of time and cannot be done at the time you are recertifying.  For non-members recertifying online, during the recertification period you have been granted access to log into the ASATT website to submit.  When logging in use your email address for the user ID and then click I forgot my password and a temporary password will be emailed to you. 

  • Login in to the Recertification page: 2019 recertification Closed
  • Once logged in your contact information will populate the form. Make sure all required cells are filled.
  • Scroll down to the program details section and enter CE’s. Make sure to list the date the CE’s were earned , the name of the CE or Program, Click if a certificate was issued or other documentation, list the number of CE’s earned and  upload supporting certificates or documents. Click “Add Another” for each entry.
  • Once you are done entering CE’s click “Submit Request”
  • That will take you to the credit card payment form. After entering the credit card information click “Continue to Pay Online”.
  • If payment was successful you’ll receive a confirmation screen that payment was received and your submission has been sent to the Recertification Committee for review. (This does not mean you have been approved only that its under review)
  • Once approved by the Recertification Committee the database will be updated and a recertification letter will be sent.

*Once you start the online submission please complete, you will not be able to go back in. Also only use online submission if paying with a credit card.

If submitting recertification with a check or  by mail. No Faxes for recertification will be accepted.

  • Members Login  and print off your recertification information. Go to the Membership tab and click on Profile, print ASATT profile. You must submit a copy of your information regardless of whether or not you have earned CE’s through ASATT sponsored events. Non-Members Submit form with proof of CE's
  • Enclose the recertification application form, a copy of your recertification information from the database, proof of the remaining CE’s (if you don’t have the required 20 or 30 CE’s on the database), and correct payment for recertification. If you are mailing your packet after December 31st, be sure to include the late payment fee.


Recertification Fees

Effective January 1, 2015, an increase went into effect for recertification. The fees are as follows:


Technician level (20 CE’s)

ASATT Member: $85 After December 31st: $160
Non-member: $200 After December 31st: $275
ASATT International member: $125 After December 31st: $200
Non-member International: $225 After December 31st: $300

Technologist level (30 CE’s)

ASATT Member: $100 After December 31st: $175
Non-Member: $250 After December 31st: $325

Applications mailed or postmarked after December 31 must include a $75 late fee. Your application will not be processed unless the correct fees are submitted. Members and non-members alike, who are contacted because of incomplete documentation, will incur an additional $50 fee to complete the processing of their packet. ASATT grants a renewal extension until January 31st, which means we must receive your packet on or before the 31st. If the 31st falls on a Saturday, your packet is due by the end of business on Friday. If the 31st falls on a Sunday, then your packet is due by the end of business on Monday. There will be no exceptions made for packets received after January 31st, unless prior arrangements were made with the recertification committee.

Please keep in mind that if you attended a state society meeting that was not sponsored by ASATT, please be sure that you have all of the correct documentation prior to submitting your application. The state societies should have submitted these programs for prior approval and obtained a code to be printed on your certificate of attendance. Please note that these CE’s will not show up on your database and that copies of registrations to these meetings are not proof of actual attendance.

If you are submitting last minute Sensor quizzes with your recertification packet, they will be graded when they are received by the recertification committee. CE’s are awarded in the year that they are earned. If you plan on filing your packet after December 31st, the quizzes will not be graded until January, which is out of your current cycle and therefore will not count.

*Please note: while ASATT grants you a 30-day extension, your employer may adhere to the expiration date of December 31st. Depending on when you submit your recertification application, the process may take 2 to 6 weeks. Therefore, if your employer requires that you maintain your certification as a job requirement, we suggest that you do not wait until the last minute to submit your information.