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Justin Akamine, Cer.A.T.


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Justin Akamine, Cer.A.T.

Howzit going gang,

Summer is officially here. The sun is out and I’m happy to say that region 7 is building momentum with regional meetings.  Our first half day meeting was a success.  Big thank you to Neil Allen and Shaun Christian for hosting on June 1st.  If you missed this one please check the website for updates on the next meetings. 

Hawaii meeting is scheduled for Sunday August 4th 2019 at Waikiki Hilton hotel in Honolulu.

Washington meeting is scheduled for Saturday August 10th 2019 at St. Anthony’s hospital in Gig harbor.

Washington meeting TBA at Overlake hospital in Bellevue.

Oregon meeting TBA at OHSU hospital in Portland.

Annual Conference on October 22nd-26th in Orlando, Florida.  Be sure to put in for time off and sign up ASAP for early bird registration special rate.

The more help we can get from tech like you the more opportunities we can offer for continued education hours. I need your help!  We need more regional meetings here in region 7. We all need to re certify and the best way to earn CE’s is by attending ASATT regional meetings or the Annual ASATT meeting in October this year. Here’s where you come in…

-**Host a meeting free CEU’s and free admission to conference

-*Create a presentation on a topic relevant to the

Anesthesia Technician Content Outline 2 CEU

-*Present a topic at an ASATT Regional or Annual meeting. 1 CEU

Contact me for more information

*Must be submitted during recertification to earn credit.**Contact your Region Director for more details.


Regional Education Awards

Regional Directors are soliciting their members to nominate someone in their region that has genuinely contributed to promoting and furthering the profession of anesthesia technology, has this person:

Helped you or a group of technicians and technologist gain valuable knowledge in the field of anesthesia technology?

Volunteered their time to provide quality lectures for continuing education credits?

Worked to improve the anesthesia technology profession?

ASATT would like to pay tribute to those individuals who are not required or paid to advance the education of technicians and technologists, but whose sincere interest promotes education in our specialty.  If you were able to associate a name to any of those questions, show your appreciation by taking a few minutes of your time to complete and submit.

I encourage every member to consider who in your region has exemplified this award. All nominations will go directly to the Regional Directors for review. If more than one person, facility, or company is nominated in a region, the Regional Director will ultimately choose the recipient.

Completed forms can be mailed, faxed or emailed to Alex LLanas. Nominations for Regional Education Awards must be received no later than July 1, 2019.

Please accept this notice as our official call for the nominations of the Board and Executive Directors 2019-2020 terms.  Every year we ask our members to nominate someone they believe can help ASATT further grow as an organization. Please take a minute to think about those around you. Are they motivated? Have they been active in ASATT? Have they wanted to be? Does this person want to see the profession grow and mature? Do they participate in furthering education for anesthesia technicians and technologists?  Are they sincere in advancing the society for the benefit of the entire profession?

Nominations for Board Of Directors

The Regional Directors hold office for a period of two years. Up for election this cycle are the positions of Regional Director in Regions 1, 3, 5, and 7. Those nominated must reside in the Region for which they are nominated. The Executive Board position available this election cycle is President-Elect. The position of President-Elect is a three-year term. Those nominated for President-Elect must have served on the Board of Directors prior to the nomination. In order for the nomination to be accepted, you must have prior approval from those you nominate.

The ASATT Board of Director positions require and individual to dedicate the necessary time to fulfill obligations needed for the success of the organization. Please read the Position Descriptions for each position, and then if you have someone in mind complete the Nomination Form.

Only ASATT Members in good standing can nominate and run for office.

Completed forms can be mailed, faxed or emailed to Alex LLanas.


What is your role when assisting with regional blocks?

-most responses: set up ultrasound machine, prepare procedure site, help with sterile procedure, and position patients for block. Techs pushing meds under direct supervision varies per location.

Are you part of patient positioning?

-mostly yes, when available. Usually during Thoracotomy cases.

New questions:

What is your biggest role as an anesthesia Tech?

Who do you report to? Anesthesia? Nursing? Environmental services?




 Dr. David Rietz’s ultimate honor of ASATT’s Region 7 educational award came after his untimely death, but he deserved the award every day over the 14 years I and many others worked with him. He was a huge advocate for education. Every staff member and student gained knowledge working with Dave Rietz, getting quizzed about the procedure he was about to do. My favorite question was: What is Poiselle’s law and how does it apply to an IV catheter size? Look it up and learn from him! He held early morning classes and helped eight anesthesia technicians including myself get certified. Dave was even discussing the possibility of an anesthesia technology program at the local university since an orthopedic surgeon and friend of his became dean of the medical programs. His wife, Susie Rietz, accepted the award on his behalf. The award now stands in our OR as a call for others to teach and improve those around them, patient and coworker alike.

Thank you,

James Sivigny

St. Vincent Hospital

Billings Montana.



Justin Akamine, Cer.A.T.
Region 7 Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.