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Yearly, the Policy and Procedure Manual/Bylaws Committee members review both documents to insure that the policies and procedures as well as the A.S.A.T.T. Bylaws are current and reflective of our society’s functions.  Upon completion of the annual review of the A.S.A.T.T. Policy and Procedure manual, several revisions were indicated.  The A.S.A.T.T. Board of Directors have voted for an approval of the suggested revisions ~ which leads to proposed amendments to the A.S.A.T.T. Bylaws.  The Policy and Procedure manual is required to be in direct correlation with the A.S.A.T.T. Bylaws. For the active members of A.S.A.T.T. to accept the suggested amendments to the Bylaws, this information has been posted on the website and  was presented to the attending membership at the Annual Business Meeting that took place on Saturday, October 11, 2014 for discussion.  We are now posting the official online ballot for accepting or rejecting the proposed Bylaw amendments. The Ballot will be posted for 30 days. Please review the amendments, and then cast your vote to accept or reject.

Review the proposed amendments to the A.S.A.T.T. Bylaws

Proposed Amendments Ballot    

Anesthesia Technology is rapidly being recognized as an Allied Health Profession. As a profession sometimes we need to make difficult and somewhat painful decisions in order to secure our position as a member of the Anesthesia Care Team. To help with these transitions we are circulating information that will impact many of us in the Anesthesia Technology vocation. Listed below are some very important dates to remember and plan for. ASATT is also requesting your assistance to disseminate this information to all of your co-workers and those looking to begin a career in the anesthesia technology profession.   

  •     July 15, 2015 is the last day to use work experience for qualification of the

              technician certification exam.

  •     If you plan on taking the technician certification exam you will need to have

              the examination application completely filled out, with all necessary  

              supporting documentation and payment to ASATT Headquarters prior to

              June 30, 2015.

  •     You will need to fully meet ALL eligibility requirements by July 15, 2015 in

              order to qualify for the technician certification exam.

  •     After July 15, 2015 you will be eligible for the technologist level exam after

              successful completion of an ASATT approved/accredited program.

  •     At midnight on July 15, 2015 CST we will retire the technician level exam.
  •     After that date, the technologist certification exam will be the only one


Important notes to remember:

Certified Technicians will not be grandfathered to Certified Technologists.

You will be able to keep your Technician Certification as long as you meet the 20 CE’s needed for your certification and remain in good standing.


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The verification link has now been activated. Candidates who have successfully passed the exam will not have their file updated and activated until ASATT receives official written notification from our testing company, AMP. Generally, we receive the written notification between the 10th and 14th of the following month. All updates for the certification verification site will be performed on the 15th of the month.

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