Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I become a certified technician?

A: The Technician exam is no longer being offered. Only the Technologist exam is being offered

Q: How do I become a certified technologist?

A: An individual must be a graduate from and ASATT accredited / approved program or a current certified Technician and has completed the Advancement program standards.

Q: I’ve been a tech for ___ number of years, do I have to take the certification exam or can I be grandfathered as a certified Technician?

A: The ASATT is no longer accepting on the job training. There is no Technician certification exam, there is only the Technologist exam and an individual must be a graduate from and ASATT accredited / approved program to sit for the Technologist exam.

Q: Am I eligible to sit for the technician exam?

A: There is no longer a Technician exam

Q: Am I eligible to sit for the technologist exam?

A: To be eligible to sit for the technologist exam you must be a graduate of an ASATT accredited / approved program or a current certified Technician and have completed the Advancement program standards.

Q: Can I sit for the technologist exam if I’m not certified, do not have the 2 years work experience, or I have experience elsewhere in the Hospital, or I have a medical degree from another country?

A: No. To be eligible to sit for the technologist exam you must be a graduate of an ASATT accredited / approved program or a current certified Technician and has completed the Advancement program standards.

Q: How much does the exam cost?

A: Technologist – Member $325 – Non-Members $450. Retake Member $200 – Non Member $300

Q: Can I sit for the Technologist exam if I live over seas?

A: The Technologist exam is not offered over seas.

Q: Where can I find study material for the Exams?

A:  Technologist exam offers a Handbook. The Handbook will tell you how and what is needed to apply for the exam, but will it also includes an outline for the exam. It breaks down the exam by sections. Also on the ASATT website under the ASATT Academy tab there is a section call Reference Books. In this section you will find a list of books that ASATT recommends an individual who is considering taking the exam, should include in their studying.

Q: Is there a course that I can take to study for the Exam/Is there a study guide or test prep to accompany the exam?

A: There is no course or study guide. An individual can use work experience, the handbook, reference books, or studying with a fellow certified technologist or Doctor.

Q: I want to learn about your ASATT certification program?

A: ASATT does not offer a certification program. ASATT offers a Certification Exam. For ASATT accredited / approved Anesthesia Technology Programs visit the ASATT website under the ASATT Academy tab.

Q: Where can I get an application for the exam?

A: The last page of the Handbook is the Application. There are links for the handbooks on the ASATT website under the Certification tab.

Q: Is there a college or university in my area that offers a program (online or classroom) for Anesthesia Technology?

A: There is a list of ASATT accredited / approved schools that offer an Anesthesia technology program. Completion of these programs will allow an individual to sit for the Technologist exam.

Q: How can I earn CE’s?

A: By attending an ASATT Sponsored event: Annual Conference, Regional meetings, and Sensor Quizzes. Also the website offers ASATT Approved CE’s . Also on the ASATT website Certification Information under the Certification Tab will list a few more options.

Q: Are there any online CE’s I can earn?

A: Currently the only ASATT preapproved website is Otherwise if you do a search on the Internet you will probably find topics that pertain to Anesthesia, however not every topic will count. If you have a topic or course and you want to know if it will be approved, contact the Education Committee. Forms for submitting for prior approval can be found on the ASATT website under the ASATT Academy tab.

Q: I want to attend a non-ASATT conference will these CE’s count?

A: Not all non-ASATT conference or meeting CE’s will count. If you have a conference or meeting you would like to attend and you want to know if it will be approved, contact the Education committee. Forms for submitting for prior approval can be found on the ASATT website under the ASATT Academy tab.

Q: I attended a non-ASATT conference/meeting should I send in the certificate to be entered into my certification record?

A: For members ASATT only logs ASATT sponsored CE’s (National, and Regional meetings, Sensor quizzes) in the database. Any other CE’s earns should be held onto until you are due to recertify. The beginning of November of the year you are due to recertify, you’ll receive a recertification reminder with instruction on where to find the recertification forms. On the recertification form where you will log any non-ASATT sponsored CE’s. You will also need to attach copies of any certificates.

Q: How can I check to see how many CE’s I have on File?

A: If you are a member you can check your CE amount online by going to the ASATT website. You will need to log in, and under the Membership Tab you will click on Profile. Once in the member profile update page scroll down to the bottom of the page and all your certification information will be listed there. Certification dates and CE’s earned.

Q: Why are CE’s that I’ve earned not showing up online?

A: Only ASATT sponsored CE’s (annual meeting, regional meetings, Sensor quizzes) are logged in our database and will show up online. Or the CE’s earned were outside of your 2-year certification period. If you think these are not the reasons please contact us.

Q: How long does it take for ASATT sponsored CE’s to show up in or record?

A: Annual and regional meeting, CE’s generally will be loaded into your record between 30-45 days after the event. Sensor Quizzes generally 15-20 day after mailed in. If you took a quiz online you will receive notification as soon as you submit on weather you passed or not. If you passed your CE is automatically loaded into the database, and a certificate will be emailed to you. 

Q: I submitted a quiz online and did not receive notification whether I passed or failed?

A: Once you hit submit, you should see a confirmation screen letting you know if you passed or not. If you passed you should receive a certificate via email minutes after completing the quiz. If you do not see the confirmation screen or receive the certificate, contact the ASATT office with the name of the quiz you took and the date you took it.

Q: Once I submit my application to take the certification exam (technologist), how soon can I take the exam?

A: Names are submitted to our testing company Scantron on Fridays. If we receive you paper work prior to Friday, and everything checks out we will submit you information to Scantron. Generally by the following Monday, Scantron will have you set up in their system. Once you are set up you can schedule your exam. It’s quite possible that if the testing center you chose has an opening you could take it as soon as Tuesday.

Q: Once my paper work for taking the exam has been approved, how long do I have before I have to take the exam?

A: Once your paperwork has been approved and your information has been submitted to Scantron, you’ll receive a email from ASATT saying your credentials have been approved, you’ll have 90 days from the date on the email to schedule and take your exam.

Q: Where can I take the exam?

A: ASATT is currently finalizing the transition to a new testing company. Testing will resume in late first quarter 2020. Should this timeline be earlier, we will note that information in this FAQ.

Q: I am an employer/verification firm can I verify a certification?

A: On the ASATT webpage under the Certification tab, click on ASATT Certification Verification System. Then enter the First and Last Name and click Search.

Q: When does my certification expire?

A: You are certified for 2 years. If you passed the exam during an even year, your certification will expire every 2 years, on an even year, and the same for odd years. For example, if you passed the exam anytime in 2018 your certification will expire 12/31/2020. Like wise if you passed the exam anytime in 2019 your certification will expire 12/31/2021.

Q: I thought my certification expired in July?

A: Membership expires July 31st, certifications expire December 31st.

Q: Is membership in ASATT the same as being certified?

A: No. Membership and Certification are two different things.

Q: Do I need to be certified to be a member of ASATT?

A: No, you do not need to be certified to be a member of ASATT

Q: I did not receive my membership card.

A: ASATT no longer sends out membership cards. They can be printed off the ASATT web site under your member profile.

Q: I did not receive my recertification card.

A: ASATT no longer sends out recertification cards. They can be printed off the ASATT website under the Certification tab.

Q: How many CE’s do I need to recertify?

A: 20 CE’s for Technician, 30 CE for Technologist.

Q: Can I add partial CE’s to add up to 1CE?

A: No, partial CE’s can not be added together. The CE must be worth at Least 1

Q: What is the July 2015 cutoff?

A: After July of 2015 there will no longer be the Technician Certification Exam. There will only      be the Technologist Exam, and the only way for a non certified individual to sit for the Technologist exam is by completing one of the ASATT accredited / approved programs.

Q: What happens to certified Technicians after July of 2015?

A: A Certified Technician will be able to keep their Technician certification after July of 2015 as long as they keep up on their CE’s.

Q: After July of 2015 if I’m a current certified Technician will I be able to sit for the Technologist Exam?

A: Yes, but you must complete the Advancement program standards first.

Q: After the July 2015 cutoff, are certified Anesthesia Tech’s going to be grandfathered into Technologists.

A: No. After July of 2015 if a certified Technicians wants to be a certified Technologist they will have to complete on the ASATT approved programs or complete the Advancement program standards.

Q: What if I’m a certified Technician and fail to keep up on my CE’s and lose my certification?

A: You will have to complete the Provisional Recertification standard.


FAQ: Recertification

Q: I have 20 CE's on file with ASATT, is my renewal automatic?

A: No, you still must submit an application for renewal, a copy of your database and the appropriate fees by the due date.

Q: I renewed in July, I don't understand why my renewal date was not updated?

A: Membership and Recertification are not the same. You do not have to be certified in order to be a member and if you are certified, you do not need to be a member. the membership cycle is good for a period of one year (August 1st to July 31st). Certification is granted for a two-year period.

Q: ASATT grants an extension to the recertification cycle, why can't I submit CE's earned during that extension period?

A: ASATT grants an extension as a courtesy. Individuals may have sufferedd a catastrophic event (fire, tornado, health issue) or have been deployed for service in our armed services and may need more time to gaterh the required documents needed for recertification. This extension is not a grace period in which to make up those CE's in which are deficient.

Q: If I submit CE's throughout the year, will ASATT keep them on file?

A: No. the only CE's that are kept on file are for members that attend ASATT-sponsored events or take Sensor quizzes. Non-members have access to the Sensor quizzes and will receive a certificate after successful completion. Non-members are responsible for keeping copies of these certifications.

Q: Why is there a delay with my packet being reviewed?

A: Your packet may have been submitted outside of the recertifcation period. You submitted an incomplete packet. You submitted questionalbe material. Documentation was falsified.

Q: Why didn't I receive 4 CE's for BCLS?

A: If you only submitted a copy of your BCLS card, you will receive credit for 2 CE's. To get the credit of 4 CE's, you must submit documentation of the length of the class (instructor's note clearly dcoumenting the start and end times of the class.

Q: May I receive credit for teaching BCLS classes under Category III?

A: No. BCLS, ACLS and PALS instructors must follow the criteria established by the AHA or American Red Cross for teaching these classes. Instructors did not develop the course content, so therefore these courses do not qualify for use towards recertifcaiton. Additionally, instructors cannot claim CE's for courses taugh; the AHA or American Red Cross establishes the rquirements that instructors must meet in order to maintain their instructor status.

Q: I attended a meeting that was approved by ASATT. Why aren't the credits showing on my database?

A: You relectgronic certification database only tracks CE's earned by attending AASAT-sponsored events. ASATT-sponsored events include ASATT Regional meetings, ASATT annual meeting, Sensor quizzes.

Programs that are approved by ASATT for use of their CE's towards recertification must comply with the established ASATT's rquirements for prior approval in order to be approved for use towards recertification. The program provider is charged with the responsibility of complying with ASATT's requirements. One of theose requirements is that the program offering the continuing education submits a sample copy of the certificate that each individual is awarded. All information must be typed: title of program; program provider; attendees name; date of course offering; number of CE's earned; the ASATT approval code; and, signatures of the representatives of the program provider who will be able to verify authenticity of certificate and attendance. Programs offering cumulative continuing education programs may opt to provide a transcript rather than issue a separate certificate for each course offered. The program provider must be sure that the transcript has all of the aforementioned criteria as well as add the expiration date of the individual programs. Additionally, it is up to the technologist/technician to ensure that they receive the certificate after completion of the course. Programs that do not comply with the established guidelines will not be considered for future prior approval.

Q: Can Ce's be accumulated using quarter and half-hour increments?

A: No. ASATT requires that CE's earned are 50-60 minutes in length for programs in which the attendees will be physically present. Actual lecture should run 50 minutes and allow 10 minutes for questions and answers as well as require each attendee to submit an evaluation form. Online programs offering CE's must verify that the course runs 60 minutes and that a post-test of 10 questions is administered to attest that the participant actually participated in the course. A post-test must be administered containing 10 questions and the participant must score 80% or greater in order to be awarded the CE. Taking a pre-test that allows the idividual to bypass completion of the entire course will not be accepted.

Q: Why isn't a registration to an educational conference accepted?

A: Submitting a receipt for registration to a meeting is not the same thing as submitting a certifcate of proof for CE's earned. You can register for as many meetings as you like, but that is not proof that you attended and met the criteria to earn the continuing education credits.

Q: What at ASATT can answer by questions regarding recertification?

A: ASATT HQ personnel have the ability to answer generic questions regarding recertification. Examples of those questionsare: will credit cards be accepted towards recertification: Where do I find a copy of my ASATT transcript? I attended a regional meeting and my CE's are not displaying on my transcript, how can that be rectified? Where do I find the recertification forms? ASATT HQ personnel are limited to the type of questions that can be answered and are further restricted from offering guidance on what will and will not be accepted. The most advice they can give is: a copy of the CPR card is work 2 CE's. ACLS & PALS are now accepted for use towards recertification (See Certification Information for CE's). Additional CE's can be otained by submitting Sensor quizzes in accordance with the experiation dates listed on the Sensor quizzes. Archived issues of the Sensor quizzes do not qualify.

Note: specific questions regarding recertification must be directed to the current Chair of the Certification/Recertification Committee. If an extension is needed for recertificatgion, the Chair of the committee is the only individual authorized to grant the extension.

If you are not sure that coursework you have taken or are considering will be accepted, you need to check with the Certification and Recertification or Continuing Education Committes as listed in the Sensor and on the ASATT website. These committees work together to assure consistency and all decisions are based on their input.

Q: What is the difference between a certificate of attendance and a certificate of continuing education?

A: The difference between the two is generally that the certificate of attendance did not meet established criteria to be used for continuing education credits. Many of these certificates of attendance will also use terminology such as: typical course length 1 hour. Certificates of this nature will not be accepted for use towards recertification. The certificate must specifically state the number of CE's earned in order to be considered for use towards recertification.

Q:Will ASATT send out a reminder that I am due to recertify?

A: Each individual is responsible for knowing when they are due to recertify. The ASATT will notify the individual in November of their expiration year that their certifcation is about to expire via a reminder sent to their email address on file at HQ. *Note: Active members and Non-members alike may also access the certifcation/recertification renewal date via the ASATT Certification Verification System.


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