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Howzit Region 7!!!

August is here… Summer will soon be over and it will be fall.  Sorry, that I missed my July website update, but I had a surgical procedure with post-operative complications.  I’m just about back to being 100% and starting to feel good.  As I have gotten older, it takes longer for my body to heal.  LOL

“You have to embrace getting older.

Life is precious and when you’ve lost a lot of people you realize that each day is a gift.”

~ Meryl Streep ~


Although I was out in July… We managed to hold the 23rd Annual ASATT Region 7 Hawaii Meeting (Virtual) on Sunday, August 8th.  Personally, I think it was a huge success with an attendance of 211!  This was the largest regional meeting that I have coordinated. 

The agenda was… Navigating Anesthesia Research; from theoretical, physiological, to evidence from clinical trials - Rohin Krishnan.  Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity (LAST) – Mariah Gosling.  Neuromuscular Blocking Agents - Tj Dawson.  Fluid Management – Eric Do.  The first four speakers were fourth year medical students from the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM).  They will be eventually be applying to an Anesthesia Residency.  They each did a 30-minute lecture for a bundled 2 CEU’s.  The next lecture was ERAS by Dr. Cindy Ku of Pacific Anesthesia Service (this was her second consecutive year) with our final lecture Ethics delivered by Gary West Cer ATT who is the Program Chair of Anesthesia Technology at Chemekata Community College.


The next meeting will be our ASATT Annual Meeting it will again be virtual this year.  It’s scheduled for September 23rd to 25th.  You’ll be able to earn up to 14 CEU’s by attending this virtual meeting.  President Greg Farmer and team are busy working to finalize the agenda.  Check the website for more details.  Also, with the new membership fee’s there are some nice discounts being offered.  Recertification time is right around the corner.

At this point I hope that a majority you have already been vaccinated.  But, we still need to vigilant and not completely let our guards down.  Many of the pandemic PPE/supply problems have been drastically reduced, but it’s not where anyone can feel “safe”.  Please stay vigilant with the next different waves of COVID-19 variations spreading around the United States and the world.  Ensure that you’re protecting yourselves to the fullest.  Stay safe and take care!!!

“Safety does not come with lucky. It has to be prepared”

~ Unknown ~






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