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ASATT proudly announces that the Practical Experience Pathway will launch in January 2023. Please see the link for more details ahead of the launch.

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An Overview of the Practical Experience Pathway

The need for credentialed professionals in the field of anesthesia technology has never been higher. For this reason, in collaboration with various stakeholders, the ASATT Board of Directors has decided to develop and launch the Practical Experience Pathway for experienced uncertified technicians to earn eligibility for the National Certification Exam (NCE). ASATT recognizes the profession's growth over the past seven years in seeing 11 programs become accredited, with much thanks being given to the Committee on Accreditation for Anesthesia Technology Programs and their diligent work with CAAHEP. Speaking on the recent initiative CoA-ATE Chair Marc McGaffic, Cer.A.T.T. adds, "The CoA-ATE is in full support of the newly launched Practical Experience Pathway set to begin 2023. This educational evolution is being seen throughout the country, with additional programmatic development on the horizon, in many states. The longevity of our beloved profession is stronger today after this announcement." Together in pursuit of seeing this profession advance, we are excited to launch the Practical Experience Pathway as a response to industry needs and the growth of the profession nationally.

This new pathway will provide an opportunity for the profession's growth in three key ways.

  1. A tangible pathway to credentialing for those experienced uncertified technicians for whom programs are not currently and have not historically been viable options.
  2. An additional avenue that allows operating anesthesia technology programs across the country the ability to serve their communities' needs by providing continuing education opportunities to experienced uncertified technicians.
  3. A foundational step for academic institutions to develop continuing education programs across the country. This will lead to the future viability of these programs to establish degree-conferring accredited programs.

Basic Eligibility requirements:

Eligibility under the practical experience pathway comprises three main domains. All domains must be completed and approved before eligibility will be granted.

  1. Minimum number of years in the field as an anesthesia technician
    1. Five (5) years in a Level-1 or Level-2 institution(s) OR Seven (7) years in a Tertiary center (i.e., same-day surgery center or similar facility).
    2. The continuing education committee will review all work experience provided to assess the candidate’s eligibility under the first domain.
  2. Minimum Education and Professional Development Requirements
    1. Completion of Anatomy and Physiology I & II* with a grade of "C" or higher within seven (7) years of application to the review committee.
    2. Completion of General Chemistry with a grade of "C" or higher within seven (7) years of application to the review committee.
    3. Completion of continuing education credits/coursework. A minimum of 40 CEUs are required following the domains laid out in the ASATT Advancement curriculum.
    4. Valid ACLS credential at the time of application to the Review Panel.
  3. 3. Complete the application for review of eligibility Standards
    1. Before exam eligibility can be granted, the applicant must submit an application with the corresponding fee ($200) for document review. If approved, the applicant will be given a 12-month window to apply and pass the ASATT NCE Certified Anesthesia Technologist exam. The applicant will have three opportunities to pass the exam in that 12-month window. If the applicant does not pass the exam in that timeframe or number of attempts, they will be required to complete the process again before eligibility is reestablished.

*An applicant can substitute Anatomy and Physiology I & II for Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.

Note: a more comprehensive description of the process will be published in the coming weeks.

Continuing Education Component:

ASATT recognizes that the growth of the profession and its continued standardization requires collaboration with institutions from across the country. Concerning the continuing education component of the Practical Experience Pathway, ASATT encourages all accredited programs to develop and build continuing education curriculums to meet the projected demand for this new pathway. Additionally, we encourage academic institutions interested in developing programs to pursue this process as well, as this will only enhance the development of degree-conferring programs in the future.

Any academic institution seeking to start a new continuing education component can submit its proposal, curriculum map, objectives, and outcomes to the Continuing Education Committee for review and approval.

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